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Worried about OG’s future? Don’t be


True or false: In a 2021 NBA redraft, GM Doug Smith would select Scottie Barnes No. 1 overall.

Tony B.

False. I would likely have taken Evan Mobley first overall and, believe me, the Raptors tried valiantly to move up so they could get him, too.

Do you ever find yourself rooting for players to get traded? Either to make a team/conference more exciting, or just because you’d like to see a guy like Damian Lillard get a ring before they’re done?


No, that’s never happened. I honestly don’t care that much and only ever cheer for my story. Now, I do enjoy writing about big trades and what the context of them is, but only after the fact, never before.

I’ve noticed most coaches are wearing grey-coloured zippered sweaters with team logos on the bench during games. Is there a reason? Brian

The colours actually change game to game but the style for coaches is consistent. When the league allowed coaches to dress down (no jackets or suits required), so to speak, starting with the bubble in 2020, I believe, they wanted some “look” across the league. They seem to have settled on this casual look we see.

I never played basketball, but I really like watching. So maybe this is a dumb question. What makes foul shots so demanding? Even great shooters who often hit three-pointers can miss them. Thanks!


Think of this: You’ve just run maybe 10 or 15 30-metre sprints, you’ve been banged around by men of considerable size, you stand at the free throw line worn out and beaten up, maybe still stinging where you got hit. There are perhaps 20,000 fans hooting and hollering and you have to compose your mind and body and cut your heart rate enough to block all that out and concentrate on the shot. I’d say that makes ’em kind of demanding, no?

I have a zillion questions about the Raptors, but I’ll start with this: I am an unabashed fan of OG Anunoby and wonder why his contract hasn’t been extended. Is it possible to do it at any time or are there deadlines that are already missed, or is it conceivably possible that Masai Ujiri is smarter than I am and has a magnificent scheme in mind?


I can handle a zillion, bring ’em on. There are limits to the value of a contract extension that can be offered in the season. Once Anunoby’s a free agent next summer, those limits are gone and, trust me, they’ll talk.

I know it is early. But with the Raptors starting 5-6 and Philly 8-3, the problem last season was not coach Nick Nurse.

A-B Wetstein

Never was solely Nick. As we’ve said about a kabillion times, everybody was ready for a change.





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