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Todd Lasance and Olivia Swann in “NCIS: Sydney”

• Trouble is brewing when a brand-new episode of “NCIS: Sydney” airs Tuesday, Nov. 28, on CBS and Global. As tensions rise in the Indo-Pacific, a team of U.S. NCIS agents and the Australian Federal Police join forces as a multinational task force designed to keep naval crimes at bay in the world’s most contested patch of ocean. (CBS, Global at 8 )

David Rysdahl in “Fargo”

• Dot’s (Juno Temple) time is running out in a new “Fargo,” airing Tuesday, Nov. 28, on FX. While Dot and Wayne (David Rysdahl) defend their home, the police are on the move. Roy (Jon Hamm) neutralizes an obstacle in the way of his search for Dot, and Witt (Lamorne Morris) suspects foul play during an investigation.(FX at 10 )





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