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Osbourne unsure he’ll perform again

Ozzy Osbourne has accepted the fact he might never perform again, but he’d like to do at least one last show “and if I drop down dead at the end of it, I’ll die a happy man.”

The 74-year-old had to cancel spring tour stops in Europe four years after a major acci- dent that damaged his spine and resulted in a life-altering operation last year. The former Black Sabbath frontman also revealed in 2020 he has Parkin- son’s disease.

Osbourne told Rolling Stone UK in a recent interview he’s hoping to one day perform again, but only if he could be his full self onstage. “I’m not going up there in a f---ing wheelchair.” He expressed a longing to say thank you to his fans, whom he has viewed as his family for years, at least one last time.





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