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BY DAVE WILLIS Author: Dave Willis - visit his website at Questions can be sent with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to The New Canadian Bridge c/o Torstar Syndication Services, One Yonge St., Toronto, M5E 1E6

East won the heart ace to continue with another as declarer led a trump to the king revealing the 3-0 break. The play of the deuce of clubs fetched the king from East but was ducked.

South could then claim the contract because he could ruff two clubs in dummy, losing only the spade queen, a club and the ace of hearts.

A ruffing finesse in diamonds was bound to succeed because East had opened 1NT but declarer would only be able to discard two clubs from hand and could not avoid the loss of a club trick.

North's resolve to raise to the major suit game was not without risk but the excellent trump support spurred him to advance to game.

He was quite certain that partner's minor was clubs, not diamonds, but elected to rocket into game hoping that partner did not own a singleton diamond.

This hope was fulfilled since partner held a diamond void. South had essentially promised ten cards in his suits and thus there was some chance that he held heart shortness.

There was an unexpected trump loser but this bad break was overcome by the diamond void.





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