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There will always be a lunatic fringe of haters

Law partners manage to find

common ground, Nov. 27 Good for Howard Levitt and Muneeza Sheikh for not letting an internecine conflict ruin their working relationship.

Yet, though I’m Jewish, I can’t agree with Levitt’s claim that Muslim Canadians are not as imperilled physically as we are. The running down of the Afzaal family in London proves him wrong. Not that he could have anticipated this Sunday’s pointblank shooting of three young Muslim men wearing kaffiyehs in, of all places, Vermont.

So let us not try to compare our suffering. The attack by Hamas produced two days of horrific news, while Israel’s invasion of Gaza has given us several weeks of horrific news.

Feelings among the relatives of released hostages and prisoners highlight our common humanity. But there will always be a lunatic fringe of haters, even in Canada, which, by the way, is also crawling with guns. These haters may be dismissed as ignorant blowhards, until they decide to take malicious action, using a rented vehicle, a knife or even worse, a gun. Ron Charach, Toronto





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