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Poilievre’s lack of a policy platform is a big problem

Media fails Canadians by giving a free pass to Pierre Poilievre, Nov. 23

Bob Hepburn is right. The press is giving a free pass to Pierre Poilievre on everything he says.

Hepburn concentrated on Canadian issues, but what about foreign policy issues? Would he cut Ukraine loose? Would he blindly support Israel as it razes Gaza to the ground? Would he have supported Canadians unconditionally like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did during COVID? Is inflation really all Trudeau’s fault?

As in the rest of the world, Canada is going through the same inflationary period and many other countries are in far worse shape. What would the Conservatives do to get Canada fighting climate change instead of just paying lip service as the oil companies would like?

So much free press is being given to Poilievre and not much to what our real government is doing. You know what happened the last time this happened? Donald Trump got elected in the U.S. and Doug Ford got elected in Ontario with not much of a platform either.

Apparently, the lesson was not learned.

Frances Tabone, Innisfil, Ont.





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