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Customers with disabilities need more from airline

Air Canada rolls out accessibility measures, Nov. 9

Toronto Pearson International Airport should also review its procedures for accommodating the needs of its passengers with disabilities.

On a recent trip, we experienced the contrast of the wonderful accommodation of La Guardia Airport for passengers with disabilities with the cumbersome procedures of Pearson.

When we arrived at La Guardia, we pushed a button outside the airport for disability assistance and within a minute someone arrived with a wheelchair.

They wheeled us right from the door of the airport, through security and to the entrance to our plane — a wonderful seamless procedure.

Contrast that to the treatment at Pearson. We waited several minutes after the plane had arrived for my walker to be brought out of the hold and for someone with a wheelchair to provide assistance. I was wheeled to a spot to wait for a golf cart. After a wait of 15 minutes, a golf cart took me to another spot for a further 10-minute wait for a wheelchair through security. At each spot, I had to show my boarding pass and at none of the waiting spots was an available washroom or comfort station.

When we cleared customs, we were taken to yet another waiting spot to be taken to our prearranged transportation home. Of course, we had to show our boarding pass for the fourth time since arriving at Pearson.

Is it any wonder that Toronto Pearson International Airport is regarded as one of the worst airports in North America? Charles Simmons, Pickering





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