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Alberta to offer $5,000 to attract workers

The Alberta government has introduced legislation that would direct $10 million from this year’s budget toward luring more workers to the province.

The funds for the Alberta is Calling Attraction Bonus are aimed at bringing skilled tradespeople from elsewhere in Canada.

During the last election campaign, the United Conservative Party promised to offer at least $1,200 to newcomers who move to the province to work in high-demand jobs like health care and trades.

Premier Danielle Smith’s government now says instead it will amend the Alberta Personal Income Tax Act to introduce the Alberta is Calling Attraction Bonus to allow for a $5,000 refundable tax credit.

Matt Jones, the minister for jobs economy and trade, said the government determined the number should better reflect the true cost of relocation.

“In doing the work behind this program we determined the average moving costs for a Canadian, say from Ontario, to relocate to Alberta was around $5,000,” Jones said.

“To me that (original $1,200) was not enough of a benefit to attract or motivate a moving decision, so we of course moved that benefit up to what is $5,000 tax-free.”

Alberta is facing shortages of skilled trades across the board, but said the priorities are electricians, pipefitters, heavy-duty mechanics, welders and crane operators.





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